Partnering Organisation

Gujarat State Handloom Development & Handicraft Development Corporation Limited, Gandhinagar

It is providing raw materials and arranges marketing of goods produced by weavers who are not included in the co-operative sector. It also provides technical guidance for new designs, equipment-tools and training. It provides raw material to handicraft artisans and arranges for the sale of goods produced by them. It develops designs through its own production centres. A museum has also been set up and an emporium has been started.

Gujarat State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Ahmedabad 

The Board is engaged in providing training, to adapt modern technology, and to cover more and more people in the khadi programme, surveys are undertaken alongwith wide publicity and its sale. Efforts are also being made for improving the quality of Khadi, increasing production and arranging marketing. It also extends financial assistance to organisations associated with it for rural industries and their activities.

Gujarat Rural Industries Marketing Corporation Ltd. Gandhinagar 

It provides facilities to rural artisans for marketing their goods. As the artisans are not organised they have to depend for sale of their finished products on intermediary agents and private traders and as such they get much less return as compared to their hard work put up by them. With the taking over of the marketing work by the corporation they will comparatively get more return.

Gujarat Matikam and Rural Technology Institute, Gandhinagar 

The Institute is engaged in developing new machines, in modifying existing designs of machinery to enable the rural artisans to produce improved quality goods with less labor by modifying and producing new and useful machines. It also helps in popularising and publicising new technologies.