Tinkling and glittering tit-bits swaying with the wind, add in a flavor of fervor and vibrancy to any living space. Gujarat has been known for its range of toys and accessories, hangings and ornamental knick-knacks swinging from reality to abstraction. Each of these articles which may not have major functional purpose are objects created with love and joy for the sake of beauty and zeal. A large variety of materials is used in the creation of these trivial yet brilliant objects of art. Decorative hangings made of old rags, beads, sequins, embroidery threads, printed patches and many other elements are created not only to decorate the living spaces but also to add a welcoming spirit for the guest and the house members. In rural areas of Kutch, stuffed birds created in triangular shapes are often embroidered and adorned with bright colors and stitches along with glittering pieces of mirrors. Rag dolls and puppets also form an intrinsic part of growing up and can be found all over the state. Even in these contemporary times when the market is flooded with plastic and rubber toys, the innocence and natural appeal of rag dolls are preferred by many parents for their children. These dolls and puppets are usually created of remnants of cloth which is usually used or thrown away. To make them look personalized the dolls are dressed and adorned in native attire with lots of details making them look beautific. The men dolls are dressed in many folded turbans, fancy shoes with upturned toes, gold ear-rings and finely cut kediyas (shirts), all lending a distinguished elegance to their appearance. Whereas the women wear ghagras (skirts) of a printed or brocaded textiles with the most sophisticated stitches. Women and kids in rural areas work long hours embroidering birds, flowers, figures and patterns that are either square or circular and with buttonhole stitches and mirrors.

Traditional Trivia

Art of making dolls, soft toys or decorative hangings is a old form or creative expression. Gujarat has been known for its stunning animal toys made of embroidered or appliquéd fabrics. Their vibrancy and animated forms attracts any beholder specially kids of all age groups. Festive occasions like Navratri to child birth ceremonies, dolls and hangings of varied forms and sizes are made to adorn the occasion and bring in life to the imaginative world of the kids.