Simple and elegant, beautifully crafted coir products give an aesthetic appeal to any home or office. Crafted by men and women of picturesque coir villages the innovative range of coir products include mats, rugs, wall hangings, door pieces, bags, hammocks, ceiling/floor furnishing, beds, cushions, little show pieces and blinds. Made from the husk of the coconut, coir craft is a long drawn out process. First the coconut husks in huge quantities are left to decay in the backwaters surrounding these villages. Once the softer parts decay and only the fibre remain, it is collected and woven into ropes on indigenous machines. These are then dyed and meticulously crafted to make varied range of products.

Traditional Trivia

Gujarat with its 1500 km of seashore has a great amount of coconut plantations. Coir has been used in fabricating ropes and twines by village women in all the sea villages. The other aspect favorable for coir craft is the number of religious places in Gujarat. Each day tons of coconut fiber is collected in each temple all around the state. The entrepreneurship spirit of Gujarati craftsmen uses this material in crafting varied range of artifacts and products for daily use.