Leather Craft


Leather, the word itself evokes a feeling of style, elegance and a sense of sophistication. The supple, natural feel and texture of leather makes it the ideal raw material in the making of design accessories. The intrinsic qualities of the material such as tensile strength, feel, durability and its positioning as a high end niche product makes leather and the artisans working on it a class in themselves.
The curing and tanning of animal hides by the earliest hunter gatherers and circumnavigating it into garments is the earliest example of design. Leather and its applications also find a mention in ancient scriptures and the Vedas.The style of curing hides determines the hardness or softness of the leather produced, thus influencing the product made. This naturally individualistic material takes minimum care and is renowned for its longevity, thus assuring a strong and durable product.
Leather artisans of Gujarat are adept at sculpting and stamping the material into a variety of products which are finding favor in today’s contemporary market. Other craft techniques such as appliqué and embroidery dovetail into leather crafting to create products having a unique identity of their own. Sculpted figurines, filigreed ornamental boxes, stitched bags and purses combs and toilette delights are some of the design innovations born out of leather. This material lends itself brilliantly to functionality in the form of belts, footwear, stationary material, mirror frames and upholstery. The ability of leather to be tanned and dyed in any shade makes it a viable design icon.

Range of Techniques

  • Leather Sculpting
  • Leather Stamping
  • Embroidery
  • Patch Work

Array of Leather Work in Gujarat

  • Leather Toys
  • Leather Accessories

Panorama of Leather Products

  • Decorative Bits and pieces
  • Home Décor
  • Footwear
  • Men’s Accessory